Monday, May 30, 2005

fireworks in the True Temper. now this is ghetto.
matthew way inc.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

memorial fun

so. i have some ketchup to do. ha. there i go again with the lameness. so, yesterday was an adventure to say the least. first off i got to see anne's (somewhat of a suprise) new car. which is exciting! it is a Suburu Outback. it is a cool car-functional. it's got to be functional. ahaha. then i went to work where i worked a wedding reception at Interlachen where it was another episode of the young and the beautiful. it all comes down to money, no joke. they had a cool idea though and had a photo booth setup for guests to leave in an album-which was fun.

as soon as i got off work, i met up with my buddy Kha who lives down by the U. we chilled and had some Premium Grainbelt-which, by the way is my new favorite beer. not only is it cheap, it is made here in Minneapolis. lovely. so we drank some beers and watched Ali G-also, a very hilarious and quality show. Tore and Tristan came over too. we left Kha's around midnight and headed downtown to Drink. traffic sucked and we ended up paying $10 for parking. o well. this was my first bar experience downtown. so we continued to head to Drink. so get this. we get to the door and we all get in except Tristan. if anyone knows this kid-it makes this situation that much more funny. anyways, the bouncer won't let him in the club because he is dressed inappropriately. whatever that means.

so, he leaves and Tore, Kha, and I decide to stay and have some $5 beers. ridiculous. RANDOM ENCOUNTER OF THE NIGHT: Carolyn Korchik and Hannah Schmeig. go Kennedy. ahaha. so, Drink was lame and we left to go to another lame bar: Brothers. i like the one in Winona better. we got there around 130am and chilled for a while. Kha and i got a beer at like 150am. Newcastle. now, 2 o'clock rolls around and all the bouncer's are starting to kick people out. they are being total asshole's. anyway, they come around and tell us to leave and go away. 5 minutes later they come back and are like finish your beer you have to go. it is like 2:05am. you would think they would let people chill out until like 220-230. so i decide to get in this guys face. i just bought this beer and i was not about to chug it( i had to anyway). i decided to go off and tell him how he had no place to sell people drinks right up until close because if you plan on kicking them out at 2, they have no time to finish. things get a little heated and by this time another bouncer joins his buddy and he is going off on me. im pissed but try to stay rationale but it just didnt make sense to me how they can be so rude like that. they don't give a fuck. meanwhile, i'm rude for wanting to finish my beer that i payed $5 for! to make a long story short i exchanged some words between the two bouncers, chugged my beer, gave them glaring stares of intimidation, and left. i'm not the most threatening person in the world or that strong but these guys were short stalky dudes, and in my state i'm sure i could have put up a good fight. ok. enough.

downtown sucked, but i was drunk and didnt care. i had a good time with kha and tore. we went back to kha's place where i proceeded to pass out on his reclining chair and didn't wake up until noon this morning.

so i drove home and went back to bed. i did nothing today until i had to cut the grass. i am a damn good lawn mower. straight lines and all. then we started a bonfire. tristan, jasmine, and un sara all came over too. along with our new neighbors joe and molly. they are a really nice couple who just moved in last fall and graduated from Hamline not too long ago.

dad ripped open a pack of fireworks and it was a party. grilled some dogs and smores. tis the season. now i smell like fire and am chillin with sara-waiting for ryan and bryan to come over.

until next time.

Friday, May 27, 2005

you heard 'em first

so i just got back from bum fuck Farmington on an adventure with kris. we went to go check out Hometown Zeros/HTZ play in their buddies garage who is on leave from duty in Iraq. so it was a rockin party nontheless. we got to see Neil rockin the drums and Dan the bassman.

the show was pretty decent for what it was worth. i mean it was super grassroots local indie punk rock style %100. but that's the way you gotta do it. this garage was prolly the biggest venue in all of Farmington. at least it gave the kids something constructive to do rather than think about what town they live in. joke. no, but it was a good show. i could totally see them on Warped Tour in like 2 years. seriously. these guys don't mess around. they just recorded their second album too, so keep your eyes and ears to the ground for more info.

Hometown Zeros rockin the garage
matthew way inc.

other than that today was pretty chill. just went into Vamp all day and got some more contact info for colleges out east. yeah. this is the lame life. shane is over, so i am going to go. hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend. (i didn't even realize it was this weekend until this morning.) i don't even care, i have no plans.

until next time.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

word to the wise

do not! i repeat, do not ever order a red bull vodka at First Ave. it will put you in the poor house, as well as set you back $8.50. learn from my mistake. never again.

Voltage Fashion Amplified

I don't even know where to begin. the day started out like no other: Interlachen country club. lovely. it slowly go tmore interesting as the day and night went on. i left ICC at around 1230 and met up with Craig at Twin Town guitars. pretty rad guitar/amp/music/studio indie shop on 34th and Lyndale. we picked up and loaded the backline into my van and brought it down to first ave for the show.

my next stop was to meet up with the lovely gretchen, whom i had never met before, but had heard a lot of wonderful things about her. i met up with her at her cozy little pad in the wharehouse district and packed up some things for a pre-party at a swanky little loft on 3rd st. while gretchen set-up for that, i ran some errands and finished up everything we needed for the party.

imagine this: it is your first day of school and you know no one. okay. that is how i felt at this little "who's who social" at this loft in minneapolis. so, i had a summit and was on my way 30 minutes after i got there. an experience none the less.

as i look back on the day, there was a lot of killing of time. so, after this social i went downstairs to Harvey's and had a Newcastle to kill some time. the bill for the show was at 7, but the show didn't go on until 8 or so. i arrived at first ave, and was lucky enough to be on the guest list because Vamp was one of the sponsors of the show, and Kate (co-owner) was also in charge of running and planning a majority of the show.

This show was quite memorable. mix rock and fashion and you are bound for success. there were over 30 local fahion designers. 8 local bands. a bunch of other local peeps, and a soldout show! in only its second year in existence! quite awesome. so, i proceeded to have a number of drinks and watch sweet local bands like the melodious owls, olympic hopefuls, the tv sound, the soviettes, mike gunther and his restless souls, ouija radio, the deaths, and the violettes. on top of that were beautiful men and women prancing around a runway-something i could never imagine myself doing but these people were quite decent at.

the fashion pieces itself were quite interesting. i mean, what do you expect or think of when you see or go to a fashion show. a lot of it was crazy and outgoing, but there was some outfits that i could see people wearing on a day to day basis. anywho, enough of that.

it was a good day for local rock and fashion and a lot of people came out to support that, which is even better. i'm sure i left out a whole bunch of crap but you all don't really care, for i am just rambling on and this is getting too long.

night night.

until next time.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

slow down you move to fast

you gotta make the moment last. that's exactly my thoughts too. this whole summer seems surreal in a way. and kinda overwhelming. and it doesn't feel like i am a kid anymore. this is the real world and i am quickly getting myself into that and everything that comes along.

i met last night with michael from skywynd down at Mancini's in St Paul. erin was there too. it was an interview of sorts to start doing odds and ends for the band. let's just say i was glad i was not there alone, otherwise i would have felt like i was in a crazy whacked out dream. but hey, i got a few beers and a shot of tequila and lets just say the deal was sealed-as far as helping the band goes.

i think i am going to split my time between Vamp and Universal too. i just think that i will be regreting this opportunity later if i don't at least check it out. so that is that.

if anyone has a free night tomorrw go and check out Voltage Fashion Amplified at First Ave! it is the cheapest ticket in town ($8)!!! go go go!

so, i watched the final episode of the OC. wow. that is all i have to say. now i have to wait all summer to see what happens! o the pain and agony@!!!

but here is what i am listening to now...Imogen Heap. i love Hide and Seek. this song is simply amazing and will prolly make you go cut your wrists and think about being lonely. so go listen to it!

no need to call names. i know i am lame.
until next time.

Monday, May 23, 2005

this business of music

so i got my first real experience of how music business in the twin cities goes down this morning. i was forutnate enough to sit in on a meeting in regards to the Minnesota Music Awards which go down in September. it was really cool. it was in the IDS building downtown and the program director, Steve Nelson, from the current was there too. basically, it was to get the current on board to sponsor this event which is in its 25th year. this is how it goes down.

but enough about that, i finally found a ripped season finale of the oc off of bearshare. yes! so now my sister and i are having an oc party at 4:12 on a monday afternoon.

no need to call names. i know i am lame.

until next time.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

this whole 21 idea was a bad idea for me

this whole 21 idea was a bad idea for me. i officially opened my first tab tonight at Nomad World Pub in dinky town and of course put it on my credit card as well! so, not only am i spending money i don't have, i flat out shouldn't be spending money right now! i am scared for the real world, for it will kick my ass.

but looking past all of that i had a really good night tonight. after work, i met up with ryan and bryan and kate at Nomad's and had a few drinks. We saw the Murzik, some guy who sounded like the lead singer from coheed and cambria-but in a mellow out singer-songwriter version, and the vestals. all were really good! i enjoyed my adventure to unknown territory. but for god's sake this whole 21 is going to be the life of me.

so yeah, that was my night in a nut. now ryan and bryan are crashing at my place. p.s. ryan graduated from eau claire today. hopefully he passed spanish so he can go to law school at vermont in the fall :). and i am cooking a pizza now. i am so hungry. i should go work out. actually, i think i am going to get a membership at my highschool workout facitlity because it is new and cheap. go alumni!

also, anne graduates on the 12th. still in june. hehe. enjoy the weekend. i will talk to you all soon.

until next time.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

no more closing

today was the second day in a row that i had to close for the country club. got home about 145 am. isnt that awesome. worked another lovely wedding reception, which makes me just sick. i think by the time i get around to mine i prolly will just be tired of them. i hope not annie! :)

ahh yes. i'm in a dilemma. i got offered the Universal Internship today but i am really enjoying my experience with Vamp so far, and i dont know if i want to put time into something that will come of nothing. granted, it looks good on a resume-but.

i was so glad that is finally warmed up today. it better not rain for the rest of the summer. i can't wait for summer and for annie to come home from school! yes, she is still in school and graduates from lawrence June 13.

i have a feeling once the summer picks up i will be spending all my money at the bars. the whole 21 novelty hasn't really faded-or kicked in for that matter-but i predict that no good can come from it. getting fat, losing money. what's better?

so, the first thing i thought about last night was how i missed the OC. call me what you will, but i love that show and it has only grown on me since i watched the whole first season on dvd over christmas break-thanks kris. but the end of season 2 is just depressing. i mean, who would have thought kirsten would go off the deep end? she was the stable one of everyone...and i am analyzing the OC. go me.

MPIL Fan Club for life. thanks exec board. add this to your resume. you will make waves in the future.

until next time.

Friday, May 20, 2005

bad way to end a decent day

the sun finally came out some today. still unpacking my crap from school. as soon as i think i am done there is more stuff to go through and throw out. worked at the good old ICC tonight with mr bryan atchison. ryan stopped by for some entertainment. although it ended on a sour note.

i want everyone to keep my buddy shane in their prayers. he needs some support because he is going through some life changing events.

i start my first day at Vamp tomorrow. got a call today telling me that i will be helping out with Voltage fashion show down at First Ave next week. sounds kind of exciting. there are a bunch of bands playing including hometown faves: Olympic Hopefuls. if you got $8 to spare definetly check it out. it is for a good cause too!

i am wiped and am ready for bed. thanks to all who posted. hope everyone is doing well and is starting their summer off right.

p.s. all are welcome to join the MPIL Fan Club. just talk to lindsey and she will get you signed up! AIM: lindsomatic

until next time.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

i swear to god.

if i have one more night of tossing and turning-can't get a good night's rest, wake up with a horrible back ache-i may just not go to bed at all. seriously. why can't i just get a good night's sleep? all i want is to not wake up sore and aching from sleeping in my bed which i have grown to love since i was a little one.

if this weather does not go away, i may have to cut my wrists-because it is that lousy and dreary out that i cannot handle it anymore. granted, it gives me an excuse to stay inside and write in this stupid blog, but i don't care anymore i want to go outside and enjoy my summer.

you check out that band? because i predict they will be the next big thing. you heard it first. :)

until next time.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

home for the summer

i guess i can now call myself a blogger. that's right, i jumped on the bandwagon. who would have thought i would copy others before me?

in all honesty this is just another lame excuse for me to sit on my computer and check my email every 5 minutes. i think i am starting to develop an obsession about it too. it is kind of scary.

just wrapped up another year of school and have one more to go. i had two internship interviews on monday and they went really well. i interviewed with Universal Music and Vamp Music Source, a booking and Promotion company in Uptown. looks like i will be working with Vamp-which i am totally excited about!

Libby just won her first game in state for Kennedy girls Lacrosse at Holy Angels. It was a close game, with a tie breaking goal with only 30 seconds left. pretty intense.

so i guess that is it for now. time for me to get back to unpacking and cleaning out all my crap.

here is some new music for everyone to check out. simply amazing band from missouri, who would have thought?

Name: Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin.
If the name of the band doesn't get your attention, I reccomend track 9- Anne Elephant

until next time