Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Lindsay el PREZO!

Your MPIL PreZ! (ignore the drunk on the right)
matthew way inc.

Monday, June 27, 2005

long time no see

so. where did we leave off? much has happend since i last blogged, so i think the best and most efficient way to do this is to just make a list. because it is not that important to dwell on or ramble about anyways.

1. I met Xavier Rudd and had a nice talk with him at Universal. also met his cute little boy.
2. I saw a very good performance by Eisley with Lance at the Ascot room.
3. After Eisley we met up with Anne, Greta, Chels, Paul, Ryan, Emily, and Darrin at Houlihans.
4. I decided I am going to become a DJ-with turntables and everything. if you know any gigs that i could work-let me know *house parties, coffee shops, cafes, random hangouts* or if you or anyone you know is getting rid of any vinyl-free or cheap!
5. I floated down minnehaha creek with my sisters and dad on fathers day. so fun. you should try it sometime. way better than apple river and free!
6. i read that lindsay lohan is talking about going to st. mary's. enough said. no need to dwell.
7. i saw a cool local band at the fine line friday: Hydrophonics. with some peoples from interlachen-dave, suzey, hope, james, mark.
8. Waited in line outside Fifth Element Saturday AM to get tickets to the Ten Year Anniversary Rhymsayers show at First Ave. which will be amazing by the way. and who can complain about the $10 price of the ticket. ?
9. The first official MPIL newsletter came out this past week. if you or anyone is interested in recieving that publication please email: you will be dissapointed. i will have pictures of the officers all this week during days that i do not post writing in my blog. here is what was discussed:

Greetings, all MPIL'ers!
There has recently been a complaint that Matt Perkins' blogs have not been updated... thus defining his lameness! I apologize for my absence and lack of dedication to the MPIL club...but do not worry. Your president's thoughts are always with you, well maybe not always.

I'd love to hear some replies to this short little newsletter- any stories which add to Matt's lameness, or the lameness of this club are welcome! But please- nothing below the belt.

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend.

Your amazing prez,

10. the bad plus is contracted to come play at school next year on February 4th. and Someone still loves you boris yeltsin is planning to come play too!
11. ebay has taken over my life. check my current listings of items i am selling and bid. i am poor. here and here
12. chuck never called
13. tim complained i put too many links in my blog but liked the Twin Cities Free Market Link

can't be that lame afterall?
matthew way inc.

things to look forward to this week:
taste of minnesota.*boyz II men, epic hero, heirospecs, sugar ray-all free, plus more. hahaha

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Eisley rockin the Ascot!
matthew way inc.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

eisley and lance + special musical announcement!

the eisley show was super cool and amzing in the ascot room. the two opening bands that opened (lovedrug, pilotdrift) were lame but Lance was entertaining and got us through. ill post some pics later but you should all check them out sometime.

Lance=Senior Week
matthew way inc.
Rhymesayers will be having their Ten Year Anniversary show on Friday, July 22, 2005 at First Ave. (mainroom) in Minneapolis. The show will include: Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Eyedea & Abilities, Musab, I Self Devine, Los Nativos, P.O.S, as well as, some very special unannounced guest performers.

Tickets will go on sale next Saturday, June 25th at 11:00am at Fifth Element, 2411 Hennepin Ave (24th Street and Hennepin Ave S). South in Uptown Minneapolis. With the purchase of a ticket you will receive 10% OFF any merchandise in the store. Phone orders for tickets can be made at 612-377-0044.

DO NOT miss this opportunity to see this amazing local hip hop lineup!

moving to music not yet written.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Billy Corgan

take a listen to Billy Corgan's new stuff from his new album the Future Embrace. it comes out in stores June 21st! tell all your friends about it and tell them I will have babies with him one day too. take a listen for yourself HERE


come hear it for yourself!!!!

*moving to music not yet written*

2 X in 1 Night

i must be going nuts or just making up for lost blogging miles-but here i go again for round 2 in less than 20 minutes.

i have a couple new obsessions. they are like one in the same but totally dofferent and cool in their own respect at the very same time.
1. Twin Cities Free Market
2. Craigslist

If you need anything i recommend you go through these places first. free shit! cool shit! random shit! shit! you will find yourself staring blankly for hours in ahhh of the wonders and powers that these 2 sites hold. i mean-how can you go wrong when Free Market is devoted to giving away stuff at the price of you going to pick it up. seriously-check it out.

next order of business. i get to meet Xavier Rudd tomorrow at Universal. which i am super pumped about. you all should get to know him-he just put out a new album titled Solace. ladies will love his sexy aussie body and accent!

i will be joined by mr. lance thompson tomorrow evening. we are going to hit up the Eisley Show in the Ascot Room at the Quest. this is going to be another amazing experience. the concert that is-Lance is always amazing :) lance will probably cream himself when we are standing 5 feet in front of the Ladies of Eisley at the show. apparently he took the poster that i gave him from the radio station and hung it on his ceiling above his bed. i think we know what his motives are for the show. so that is that.

my new motto: moving to music not yet written

Anne's Grad Weekend Recap-1 week later.

it has been too long! i am starting to have withdrawl. o man, that is not a good feeling. i'll try and begin where i left off. so here it goes:

the Annabelle Graduation Weekend recap-almost 1 week later!
it was an event alright. the o'neals don't mess around when it comes to special occasions. the ride there was fun-as much as it can be. we met up with sally, jonothon, and peter in Wasau and had a fun kid ride while the moms chatted away in their own vehicle. i decided to take us all on a tour of Racine, WI. apparently i did not know where i was going-go figure? an adventure none the less-it was fun to catch up on childhood

we all arrived and by all i mean-the landrud's (including USH?), jim's mom and dad, mi familia-kathy, libbles 2007, and kokopip-dave was working. so it was a party. we went to Lombardis that night and had way too much food-but it was delicious none the less. mm mm good! we continued the party to the REC center where we were all entertained by Anne's dad, Jim-and his very good dance skills. I should post the video. it was a sight to see. after the parents went to bed-we headed downtown to the Nickel and the Fly. let's just say that 9 am wake up call came way too soon.

Congrats Anne!
matthew way inc.

It turned out to be a nice day for Sunday's graduation -good thing, since it was outside. anne did a wonderful job of walking across the stage. Congradulations Annabelle! you are going to do amazing things. good luck at St. Thomas!

the whole weekend seemed so surreal. i wasn't even graduating but it just seems weird that i won't be going back to visit anne there anymore. kind of makes me sad to graduate next year-but that is life. on to the next chapter.

a whirlwind weekend that will not be forgotten. i had so much fun and want to do it all over again.

until next time.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

off to appleton

well, we are about 20 minutes from departing and heading out to appleton for anne's graduation. i am so excited and think it will be a very fun time for all.

i had an unexpected conversation yesterday at Davanni's in Uptown with a man named Mike Patrick. We start talking and end up having a 45 minute long conversation about stories in his life. No wonder he makes a living out of it. I was blown away by what Mike had to say and it turns out that in my senior year of high school he came to Kennedy to speak. I thought he looked familiar, but what a small world. I encourage everyone to check out his website and go hear him speak sometime-it will give you a whole new perspective on your life. it was probably the greatest random conversation that i have had yet.

things are well otherwise and can't wait for anne to be home for the summer. hope all is well

***The problem is not the issue, the issue is how you deal with the problem. ***

until next time---

Thursday, June 09, 2005

dazed and confused

this blog is becoming more sporadic and less interesting. im not going to front. but hopefully there are still those dedicated few who are entertained by my non-sense. i have been busy with work these past few days and find myself stuck inside on the beautiful days. in a way i miss working outside at miller, but then again i don't. i just want some sun. o well. im starting to get worn out juggling two internships and interlachen. i still have to finish paper work so i can get credit for school for the internships. never ending work. but it keeps me busy and i enjoy it for the most part.

mood of the moment
you decide?
matthew way inc.

i tell myself i should workout but then i find myself eating chipotle 5 times a week. o, it's so good. got to add to the love handles :) maybe i will go biking down by the river before work tomorrow. but that means i will have to wake up at 7am. i can barely wake up at 10am as it is. the motivation is lacking. i need some pills.

i am continuing to try and find some decent bands to play at school next year. i talked with the booking agent for The Bad Plus this afternoon and that looks promising. Also, i have been in contact with Atmosphere, Moving Units, Hot Hot Heat, Iron and Wine, VHS or BETA, and The Bravery. So, hopefully something good comes out of this and we get some good music down at the wonderful supressed catholic school i go to.

I just found out today at Universal that Xavier Rudd will be stopping by the offices next Friday to visit the branch. He is coming to town for his show with Government Mule at the Minnesota Zoo. He is coming in for a meet and greet luncheon, which is quite exciting. Kris is jeolus. i will have to take a picture with him for you. He is like a mix between Bob Marley, Ben Harper, and Jack Johnson mixed all together. He is from Australia too.

2 more days until i get to see my annabelle! i have been looking forward to this weekend for a while now. my fam and i are headed over to appleton saturday morning for anne's graduation celebration. it should be a lot of fun! sally has quite the dinner planned at
Lombardi's Steakhouse and then we will hit the town afterwords. i cannot wait to be with my annie baby. it is about time she got done with school. haha.

until next time. hopefully sooner rather than later.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

i can't wait

it does not seem like i have been out of school almost 1 month now-where does the time go? however, i am looking forward to seeing anne this weekend in appleton. she will be a college graduate from Lawrence University and that also seems like a very weird idea. it has been too long since i last saw her and i cannot wait to be with her! i may have to pounce. heh.

the summer is picking up with things to do and not enough time. i am getting heavily involved with things going on at Vamp which is exciting but very time consuming. i think i may have to cut ties with skywynd operations too because i just don't have enough time. yeah. bottom line, no time. o man. okay. well, this blog is going nowhere quickly so i propose this:

you the reader of this blog should write a comment suggesting topics
or life happenings to be discussed in this lame platform of communication.
or send pics or other stories to be posted to :

until next time.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

my good deed

i can say i did my good deed tonight. as kha, shane and i were wrapping up the night, i was driving kha back to his house and on our way we drive past this guy getting kicked and beat up on the side of the street by 2 other dudes. me, wondering if i should stop, yell out the window, or jump in the fight- decide to stop and yell at these fucks for beating up this guy. i've never seen anything like this before. before i had time to think i was out of the car along with Shane and Kha and were confronting these assholes. apparently, the guy getting his ass kicked had grabbed this guys cock at some party they were at-so the dude takes him on the street and kicks the shit out of him and calls him names like fag-gay-what have you. i couldn't believe what the hell i was hearing and seeing right before my eyes. i start yelling at the kid and ask him if he is homophobic and this and that...we exchange some words and this goes on for a while and then his buddy and him take off pissed cause they couldn't kick this guy in his face anymore.

when this guy got off the ground, i almost couln't look at him. the best way to describe him is Sloth from the Goonies. i mean, that's sad but that's what he looked like after getting kicked in the face and what not. eyes all puffed and swollen with cut all over his face. it was ridiculous. this guy had to be wasted though because he continued to yell at these dudes who just kicked his ass. either he really liked it or he is just really stupid.

good thing shane and kha were there otherwise i don't know if i would have had the balls to confront three other guys like that. it was a total surreal experience. i felt like i was ryan in the first season of The OC. funny thing is we had just got done watching that show. who would have thought i would ever compare my life to The OC? another prime example of the lameness in my life. o the memories keep a coming. hope everyone else had a safe night.

if you all have some downtime, i recommend watching the documentary: Freestyle-The Art of Rhyme. It is a great film by DJ Organic aka Kevin Fitzgerald.

until next time.

Friday, June 03, 2005

bonfire pictoral

Ryan joins the party with
Jasmine and Shane
matthew way inc.

droopy. sleep

it has been a while since i have posted. no need to fear, i have not lost interest in the blog-believe me! i just got busy with the summer now. it feels like i am behind but i know i am not. i don't like that feeling because it reminds me of school. ugh.

anyway, it seems like this is becoming a trend but i had another bonfire last night. it was a lot of fun. who can go wrong with a fire, beer, and freinds. i mean-it is a winning situation all around. a lot of people ended up coming including Ryan and Bryan! no WAY! shane, blake, jasmine, mandy, bryan, abby, un sara, kha, tristan, alex, andrew, my lovely sister, some randoms who think they are still in high school, and who can forget the Bloomington Police. two (nothing better to do with their time) police officers decided to come break up the party around 130am. noise complaints?! o well, the fire was dying down anyway.

Stealing Andrew's notes and letters from the fire?
Tristan is Fucked. I will never understand that kid.
atthew way inc.

ryan took off for Seattle this evening with Bryan for the summer. i was glad he made it over last night because he won't be back until August. have fun!

i started my official first day at Universal Music and Video Distribution today. i can already tell it is going to be a totally different experience form Vamp. for one, i brought home a box full of awesome cds-40 or so? it was like christmas in June! it will add to my music addiction. but the whole summer will be like this because Universal is moving their offices to a different location, so a lot of people are getting rid of extra crap that they don't need, which means free SWAG SWAG SWAG!!! gotta love the freebies!

Music Now:
Moving Units

Also, if anyone has a free night tomorrow (Friday, June 3) You should definitely check out the Shout Out Louds at the Ascot Room. $10/$12. Doors: 7pm. Playing with: The Dears and Marjorie Fair

until next time.