Saturday, July 23, 2005


Slug laying it down at the Rhymesayers 10 Year Show
matthew way inc.

what an incredible show! o man. it was 3.5 hours to begin with-non stop music and beats and like 20 artists at any given time on stage. not to mention the breakdancer and indian pow wow breakdowns in between sets. i can honestly say i was not bored once-however hot and sweaty i was from the sold out crowd did not matter whatsoever. neil joined along for the ride-and his comments can relate. this show probably rates in my top 5 all time concerts attended. i cannot even describe the energy that kept on pouring out for over 3 hours. simply amazing.

keep your eyes peeled for P.O.S. -that dude has a sweet sound and some killer beats and rhymes. i love you all - have a goodnight.

the bros reunite

it is hard to recall things that have happend recently. although, it seems like all i have been doing is working, eating, sleeping-over and over again. i have managed to do a few things. i got a chance to see a lot of brothers last weekend. first, at the hennepin block party (rick, tim, chuck, daulby, kelly) then, the following night at casey's place in st. paul for his grad party. you can look for yourself below. tj and jess showed up later.

casey's grad party. aka PMA time.
matthew way inc.

chuck complained the whole time he was here, especially about my household not having AC. haha.

i enjoyed a really fun evening with anne, greta, paul, megan, and oosh at Chino Latino on monday. it was a kinda going away party for greta who is working at Mayo as an RN. i probably had one to many dead nazis that night but it was fun. apparently lindsey lohan has been spotted there a few times since she has been in town. no luck that night. we were all on lookout. but, if you should ever go there-wait until 1030 when the deals kick in. great drink specials and food for cheap!!!

i went down to winona with bryan the other night to visit with the lovely kids who decided to stay on campus this summer. danny, linc, clem, rail, jenk, brig, katie-it was fun to hang out and catch up with everyone.

apparently my blog is lame and all i do is talk about music crap according to clementz-i cannot deny any part of that statement. thanks john.

did you know: the george foreman grille cooks/makes amazing chicken quesadillas. the greatest new snack i tell you.

This just in: i have my first official DJ gig at Betsy's Back Porch Coffee Shop on Thursday, August 4 from 7-10. Be sure to come grab a drink and bring your friends to laugh and point. i hope to see you all there.

i am heading down to Anderson County, Tennessee in a couple hours and will be gone until the 31st. i am volunteering with some other kids from my church for Appalachia Service Project. it will be a good break from work.

song of the moment: lack of color-death cab for qt

wish everyone a relaxing weekend and following week.

ahh, isnt that cute

lovely bones and i
matthew way inc.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

hello there. the sound is settling.

hello blogger community and loyal fans. i have not been very good at keeping this thing updated. mainly at week-long chunks at a time.

i have been keeping busy with the usual three jobs this summer: vamp, universal, and of course the beautiful interlachen country club. i got to help out at the Teen People Rock 'n Shop Tour at the MOA last weekend. while there, i was catering to Brie Larson's every last whim and desire. i can't wait until she blows up like Lohan. last weekend also included a garage sale that i and other college buddies got together to raise money for our mission trip to Anderson County-Tennessee, in the last week of July. we raised a considerable amount of money to help pay for our 15-passenger van that we our renting. it was a lot of work-but it did pay off.

our awesome checkout line at the garage sale
matthew way inc.

excited news to report: anne got her ears pierced. i know it doesn't sound like much-but she is deathly afraid of needles. she was a brave girl and went through with it anyway.

random sighting: Tim Root driving a Papa John's Delivery mobile in South Minneapolis. that kid cracks me up.

this just in: the chucker is coming to visit this weekend. he will be in full swing no doubt!

other than this. i have not much more to say. i will be adding some pics on days i do not write. so, if you have pics that you would like to share-email them to me with a caption and i will post. i am looking forward to the events for the weekend. starting off, i will be heading down to the kickoff of the Minneapolis Aquatennial to see Ben Lee, Mike Doughty, and Howie Day. mainly just doughty. the chuckles is coming too. saturday should be another party over at Casey's house for an informal grad party.

400 Macalester St.
St. Paul, MN 55105
(651) 699-8937
-----------------stop by or just start stalking him. either way im sure he won't mind. party kicks off around 4!--------------

st. mary's concert update: in the works to bring the group Eisley in. if you remember, lance and i just saw them at the Ascot not too long ago.

also, i may have an extra ticket for the Ten Year Anniversary Rhymesayers show coming up a week from Friday. so get back to me or leave a post if you are interested. thank lance for moving.

May Phi Mu Alpha Ever Reign...

im off to work.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Michael Alex Downes-Borowski. The TRUTH is OUT!

Mr. Historian. He is your faithful puppy you only dreamed you had.
matthew way inc.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

4th Wrap and Ricky the Secretary.

the 4th and all its glory has come to an end. along with many things in life, things change. thus, this was the first year i really felt no special importance for this usually eventful weekend. it seemed like any other weekend. maybe thats because i spent 3/4 of it working at the lovely ICC. that could put a damper on the mood. nonetheless, it was pretty laid back and typical of the previous weekends this summer.

it was nice though to have the extended weekend. i got to spend some quality time with annie. :) we saw chelsea and ryan and hung out with them which was fun. i got acquainted with my new hobby as a dj. and i came up with a decent dj name too-DJ Back Pain. i think it fits perfectly. if you think differently, then maybe you should drop a post for a new suggestion. blake, dan, and liz had an open house Sunday-with free beer-so that's always good.

it is so hard to think back on what i did over the past couple of days. i bought some more records to add to my collection: common, atmosphere, bob marley-all vinyl mind you. muisc is an addiction and gets you no where in life other than the poor house! although, i did manage to sell some of the records i picked up for free at Universal on Ebay today which made my day. it's all about the loopholes.

Rick is the Secretary. He makes a lovely Cabaret waiter.
matthew way inc.

i played 9 - over at Interlachen witht the golf pro from Minikhada and some other dude from California. and now i am tired.

this blog has turned into what it was always doomed to be: LAME.

to each his own. have a good night.

Be sure to stayed tuned for our 4th and final installment of the MPIL Board Members Picture Series!

Friday, July 01, 2005

VP Chuck

i got my Numark TT 1520's yesterday and spent all night spinning some sweet music. is this bad? tis the fourth of july this weekend, and i am stuck working pretty much everyday. give me a call and tell me how much fun you are having. i will live vicariously through you. hope all is well.

Chuck-doing what he does best at Cotillion
matthew way inc.