Friday, August 26, 2005

davey: the story as told by danny p.

this is an away message brought to a whole new level, thanks to the very talented danny, aka PanZcratz. it is a truly remarkable story based on a loveable grizzly creature named Davey. please read the following excerpt from this truly engaging tale...

qurack: what the hell is the Gil?
PanZcratz: the gil is the place where davey is gonna pimp it up like he did to eds last year
PanZcratz: all the chicks are gonna be like mackin on his beard and he's gonna be like step back, i got a girl
PanZcratz: (ps. does he still have a girl? I don't know)
PanZcratz: and then all the guys (except the APO ones) are gonna be all like dude you're cool let me join your frat
PanZcratz: and then we're gonna be like "yo davey, you gotta stop this pimpin cuz you're takin all the ladies and all the guys want to be in the frat and we just don't have enough room for all those guys, plus how are we gonna get ass if all the ladies want you?"
PanZcratz: and Davey's gonna be all like "chill brothers"
PanZcratz: "i'm a boyscout and on my honor I will do my best to stop being such a pimp...but it's hard because beard's are in, GQ said so"
PanZcratz: and we'll be all like "ok, just try please"
PanZcratz: and he'll be all like "ok."

danny and the party ball
matthew way inc.

caution: this may happen to you when you feel extremely bored or useless. please consult someone who cares about you, if this is an issue that continues to exist.

Point of Interest: Seth David in a Virgin Mobile Commercial. HE totally went to Saint Mary's.
*Click on Virgin Mobile Style*

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

*come get your fix at the 2-1-6*

*lincoln's very detailed and artistic rendering of what our room looks like*
matthew way inc.

the final hurrah

it has been an eventful wrap to the last week of summer. i headed down to the 400 bar with anne on friday to check out The Hopefuls show. it is a cozy little bar/venue that is a great place to see your favorite artists up close. i recomend taking a listen to these guys, because i guarantee you will enjoy.

on sunday i worked at interlachen. it wasn't your typical wedding reception or lame member party, but in fact it was quite amusing and entertaining. mostly because it was like a who's who of Minnesota and beyond. their were some notable guests in attendance:

Frank Vassalero?
Amelia Santanello?
Bobby (dickface) Knight
Sid Hartman-star tribune
Byron (The Bass Fishen Bachelor from a couple seasons ago)
Mary (the Bachelor's chosen wife to be)

Dave Lee-wcco radio

it made for an interesting night.

last but definitely not least, i worked my last Universal Showcase at Babalu downtown for the Damien Marley meet n' greet. it is the closest i will ever come to shaking hands with a guy who is in the same blood line as Bob Marley. no doubt about that. his music isn't that bad either. hip hop meets reggae. who would have guessed?

damien marley and your narrator
matthew way inc.

this is my last day at home, which means i should start packing and getting some shit done so i am ready to head out tomorrow. but before i do that, i think i am going to check out the Rock Photo exhibit today, get a haircut, errands, and then pack. uhh, yeah-

Friday, August 19, 2005

*Uptown Bar Crawl*
matthew way inc.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

week and counting

its the end of summer blues. yeah. things are coming to an end. new things are beginning. the cycle begins once again. beginning summer goals and accomplishments pushed under the rug because of lack of time or dedication and another summer passes. this has been a very productive summer and i do not regret anything that happend or did not happen this summer. other than maybe some more time to be with friends, practice hobbies, or catch up on sleep. these past few months have been very memorable and eventful.

good luck in Vermont boys! it's a big step
matthew way inc

ryan and bryan came back from seattle early august for a couple weeks. they left on Wednesday to embark on their new life in Vermont. Ryan will be attending law school at the university and Bryan plans to attend school and pursue doctoral duties? i'm sorry. haha. but, both of them will be missed and i hope they come back to visit or that i get the chance to visit them soon. maybe check out the slopes or their barn, who knows?

"this will be the first time in your blog," bryan

i had a wonderful belated graduation dinner with annabelle last night at Cafe Lurcat. it was a damn good meal and a great atmosphere. it is located off of hennepin and next to Loring Park. i realized half way through that we were sitting right behind none other than Saint Mary's former President Bro. Louis. gentleman, if you want to treat your lady right-i recomend this joint.

it is time now for me to start cleaning and organizing. i have let my room go to shit this summer. no time.

but tonight is also the Uptown Bar Crawl. which promises to be a joyous time of drunken stuper. so i must get ready for that too.

also, go check out this local show tomorrow night at the 400 bar. cheap cover, great music. what more can you ask for?

My New Addiction

until next time.


once again, this blog is being ignored by its curator. another week has gone by and i wonder just where did the time go?

last friday i was given the opportunity to help setup an artist acoustic performance and meet and greet at Universal. The band was Ra and it was a rockin time. they played a few new songs including a Police cover and also their old single "Do you call my name" which i requested. thank you very much. Ra is a bunch of chill, laid back rockers and were very cool dudes to talk to. this blog is lame. my leg hurts.

*the boys of Ra*
matthew way inc.

* do i stand out in farmer plaid among rocker black?* i think so.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

culture in a ball

last night i had the opportunity to see Chuck Klosterman speak at Barnes and Noble - Galleria. he is quite an entertaining guy to watch speak. he is very excentric and nervous like-but not at all at the same time. i guess you get used to it after ten minutes or so. anyway, he spoke about and read from his new book killing yourself to live : 85% of a true story. i have only read his book - Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs-but am intrigued to read his latest memoir. i think i like him for the way he writes his books. very conversational and easy to follow. a quick read too. he is worth checking out-if you are a casual reader like myself, or if you are into pop culture, music, girls, drugs, err. basically anything that a college aged- young adult may be into.

after the barnes and noble gig, anne and i headed down to uptown. i had to pawn off some cd's that i have accumulated this summer, as well as check out a few new bars and clubs. we checked out the uptown as well as figlio. figlio has some great deals from 10pm-12am weekdays and all day sundays. $2 for taps, wine, appetizers. cool atmosphere too. take your friend or maybe two.

getting my book signed by chuck
matthew way inc.

i went down to the jungle theater with kris and anne tonight to see Tim Root in the Narrator. it wa only an hour long and worth every last penny i paid to get in. it suprised me how funny it was and how entertained i was by the whole thing. so witty, dark, clever! unasumingly great for what it was!!! basically just laughing at Tim in his prime made it all worthwhile. i was told to now go write a review and let the rest of the Fringe Family in on a little secret here in the Twin Cities called Tim Root. quite possibly the funniest man to come out of Saint Mary's since Brother Louis. we should have stayed around to do the whole congrats thing afterwords - but o well. good job timmy. give me a ring. if you havn't seen it yet-there are still 2 shows this weekend!

finally got my July internship journals done a little while ago and now i am off to bed.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

holding in the bulge

where the hell did the summer go? that is my question to myself and everyone else who thinks so too. 2 weeks left and i will be hitting the books again, err, my bed to rest from this busy busy summer. although, i am one of those people who needs to be doing something or involved with something otherwise i get bored easily. it is good to keep busy, but not to the point where you are walking around like a zombie because you are getting no sleep and cannot get any of your work done. for example, i should be writing my journals for my internships this summer and turning them in, but instead i choose to bitch about not having any time to do anything.

i got it, maybe lack of time isnt just it, but rather a lack of prioritizing the most important things to get done. or maybe i want to put the least amount of effort into something and feel like i am accomplishing a lot by writing in this silly blog to the masses and keeping everyone updated on my lame life.

St Mary's Music Newz: Eisley Will NOT be joining us this fall for an extraordinary concert. management claims bad timing and routing, but i say poo ion that. my hopes and dreams we already sunk into that show. o well

as i write this the bros are wasting away on liquor and beer at Dylan's Grad Party aka Drunk Fest! if any of you lovely boys have pics from the weekends festivities - please send them to and i will be sure to post them on this mass communication unit.

i think i am going to go check out The Narrator Wednesday- the show that Tim is in at the Jungle Theatre. it should be fun. GO GO GO!!!

family, friends, acquaintences, and random people.

thanks to all who came out to the show!
matthew way inc

1st Show! yay

so the first DJ show went off without a hitch and it was a very fun experience. i wasnt really sure what to expect but i would do it all over again. the show took place at Betsy's Back Porch Coffee Shop in Minneapolis on Thursday and I played for 3 hours - mainly just some soul, funk, hip hop and classic rock, with a few new ones for fun. thanks to all who came out to support. i know it was uneventful but it was a fun way to get friends together. i have to also say thanks to SAC and Katie for loaning the beautiful Mackies for the sound. i love Mary's! hehe.

DJ Back Pain's 1st gig at Betsy's Back Porch Coffee Shop
matthew way inc.

other than this night, my life has been pretty mundane. working two jobs everyday will kill life and social aspects involved quickly. but what can ya do? im not sure. goodnight.

beautiful Appalachia

new roof?
matthew way inc.

home sweet home

this blog almost seems like more of a chore than something fun to do. but i keep doing it anyway.

i made it home safely fomr anderson co., TN last weekend. i had so much fun and it was a good break from everything that was going on at home i.e. work, work work. it was another successful trip thanks to all the people that went: karissa, momo, jonny, annie, becky, katie, erin, kris, and kent. it was truly a memorable experience and one that i would not want to replace. i cannot wait for next year!

The ASP Crew in Anderson CO, TN
- along with Herbert!
matthew way inc.

We worked on a house for a man named Herbert. He was a very nice man and we were fortunate to meet him and be able to fix his home. We ripped apart his bedroom and put in new studs, insulation, sheetrock and painted. on the outside, a few of us tackled fixing a sinking roof and old rafters. it was a great learning experience for everyone involved and we made it through even with all of our lack of construction experience. it is always a nice wake up call to remember how lucky we all truly are. it amazes me how people in the united states live like people in 3rd world countries.

it was fun to see all the wonderful people from texas again. i always look forward to seeing them every summer to catch up and hang out.

i got a chance to read a good book while i was gone - which i recomend to everyone. it is called Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs by Chuck Klosterman. if you like books on pop culture and life in general you will like this book. Chuck is also a Senior Writer at Spin. he is going to be speaking at the Barnes and Noble at the Galleria in Edina on Tuesday, August 9 at 730pm if anyone is interested too!!