Friday, March 17, 2006

Day 2: SXSW

i was ambitious to think that i would wake up at 830 this morning after being up for nearly 24 hours the day before...needless to say, we all were passed out until like 1130 and didnt get back into the action until 1230. i was kinda bummed because i wanted to see Neil Young speak, but that was soon erased from my regrets as the day went on. here is a list of what went down during DAY 2 of South by...

1. South By Stereogum party @ The Parish
-What Made Milwaukee Famous
-Thunderbirds are Now!
-Rogue Wave
-Ted Leo & the Pharmacists
2. Beastie Boys @ Stubb's
*this was a surprise, last minute show that was announced although rumors had it that they would be playing somewhere during their time here...needless to say it was pretty much one of the coolest experiences of the whole trip thus far. lance was crying when i called him :)
3. Margot and the Nuclear So and So's @ Nuno's Upstairs
4. The Plastic Constelations @ SOHO Lounge
*Craig Finn of the Hold Steady was in attendance and guested on a song too!
5. Mark Mallman @ Exodus
***after this show i was hanging out with the Vamp crew and who walks into the club but comedian Jeffrey Ross. i was a little intoxicated at this point and to make a long story short made a fool of myself while talking to sure i thought i was really cool at the time (the long story upon request...:)
6. Dresdon Dolls @ Stubb's
7. Rocky Votolato @ The Parish Downstairs
8. Mates of State @ The Parish upstairs
9. Aqueduct @ The Parish Downstairs
10. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah @ Eternal

so, yeah. it was a packed day. in between all of that i managed to find my way into the poster show that is also g0ing on and pretty much decided that i wouldn't mind going further into debt to buy some of this amazing artwork. leia bell (bryan bell's sister =weezer=) was showing here work too!

i will have to get into more detail later but the cab is on it's way. hope the snow day was fun for all you kids back in minnie. take care.


Anonymous box said...

YOU MISSED NEIL YOUNG, HOLY SHIT! that would have been so fuckin awesome if you would have seen him though, oh well

3:41 PM  
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