Sunday, March 19, 2006

the final hurrah ...SXSW 2006

the sickness overcame me today and progressively got worse as the day and night went on. it wasn't a particularily nice day out either as it was raining for most of the day. i also left two expensive prints that i had bought the day before in the taxi cab that we took into, needless to say the day was not started on the right foot from the get-go...but here is the events that took place nonetheless...

1. 89.3 The Current Breakfast Burrito Party in the rain
2. Flatstock - concert poster print show(aka, other sick obsession that eats away at the funds)
3. Vitriol Party - Lambardi Art Gallery
*Run Chico Run
*Idle Hands
* Film School
4. Iron Works for some Bar B Q
5. Magneta Lane @ Buffulo Billiards
6. The Essex Green @ Antone's
7. The Owls @ Habana Calle 6
8. I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness @ Emo's Annex
9. The Side Bar
*where members from Clap Your Hands Say Yeah were hanging out. Also, was introduced and chilled with Robert Skoro and Tad Kubler(guitarist for the Hold Steady)
10. Jucifer

that's about it. i would have loved to go check out Lady Soveriegn and We Are Scientists with Neil, but at this point the sickness had taken full effect and have no strength or energy to walk anywhere. there is no need to complain about this week-as i think i have seen and accomplished a lot - being it my first time and all...


Anonymous Anna said...

so, we won today. it was pretty amazing, I won't lie.

11:20 PM  
Anonymous box said...

did you give away all your home made business cards? haha

12:37 AM  
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