Wednesday, March 01, 2006

new music

i have been on a new music kick lately and it is not helping my financial situation very much. music is very much like a drug and so hard to stay away once you start. anyway, after pawning off some cds in order to purchase some new ones i have found a few discs worth reporting.

first, a group out of Jacksonville Beach, FL by the name of Electric President has grabbed my attention and still hasn't let go. this duo of young 20 somethings is along the same lines as the Postal Service's of the world while also placing great emphasis on picture perfect singer-songwriter craftsmanship. they have also garnered the stamp of approval from death cab front man Ben Gibbard. they are currently on Morr Music (Berlin, Germany). be sure to check these guys out. track 2 is front - runner as my first fave, titled Insomnia.

next, i finally picked up local indie rock rock outfit, Hockey Night. after reading about these guys this past summer when their latest disc, Keep Guessin', came out - i recently stumbled upon them again and made my way to the record shop. they are a dash of Mason Jennings sounding vocals mixed with The Hopefuls guitar pop and Weezer-esque nerd rock. they have been on tour with Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and have made a big splash around the country. they will be performing a few shows at SXSW in a few weeks...


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