Saturday, April 15, 2006

odds and ends

tapes 'n tapes lineup change?

[yesterday was full of music happenings. first, i stopped by Universal to check in with the folks over there....all seems well and good although there seems to be a lot of personal turnover at the moment. i will be sure to keep my eye on that. second, i visited the Vamp crew and learned how to update website stuff. next, i headed downtown to help 2024 move into temporary offices in Northeast. after that i headed down to the Varsity where i saw The Stills. thankfully i got in free because the band didn't impress me much. the two lead singer dudes kept bickering onstage and there presence on stage was, needless to say i don't think i will be paying much attention to them. ]

*some interesting news*...the local dish on Tapes 'N Tapes is that bassist Shawn Neary is no longer in the band. disputes over some ethical issues apparently broke the band. but don't you worry, Erick Applewick of The Hopefuls and Vicious Vicious has stepped in to replace Shawn. Erick also produced Tapes latest album, The Loon. Sources have yet to confirm whether this is a temporary or permanent lineup change.

Tapes recently played 9 shows at SXSW and have a write up in Rolling Stone's latest issue. they also gave a review of their album - giving it 3.5 stars out of 5.


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