Sunday, January 22, 2006

Vicious Vicious @ The Pause

so let's try this again. this would have been up this morning but my computer decided to crash before i could save and post. bryan, neil, and I made our way to St. Olaf Friday night. Vicious Vicious and Coach Said Not To were playing at The Lion's Pause. let's discuss Olaf's venue for a moment which is located in their student union. this student union is not your typical college hangout for it seems like you are in a convention center or downtown skyskraper. i just about fell over walking around inside because everything is so nice and should not be on a college campus in Northfield. the Lion's Pause which is a student run night club on campus is probably one of Minnesota's best kept secrets as far as music venues go. having only been built in the mid 90's this place floored me. had i know about this on campus venue, it just may have been my deciding factor when it came to deciding where to attend college. picture the triple rock social club mixed with the quest's main room and you have the Lion's Pause.

enough about that. we drove two hours to check out two notable bands in the MN music scene; Vicious Vicious and Coach Said Not To. Having never seen or listened to much of either bands before - I had no preconcieved notions going into the show. Coach Said Not To opened the show and caught my attention right away. In a way this four piece lady rock outfit reminded me of a dream. a dream in the sense that it starts out the same way but slowly progresses into something that you will remember when you wake up the next day to tell all your friends about. with a typical setup of drum, guitar, bass, and keys, Coach throws out any preminitions you may have about the all female indie rock gimmick. their sweeping melodies and harmonies flow so well over truly catchy guitar and key riffs. think of Eisley taken to the next level of musicianship and you will begin to know Coach. i could have watched the drummer and lead singer all night. the drummer having a weird similarity to that of my sister kris. and the lead singer with her funky dancing who could easily make a sizable side income teaching dance. Coach Said Not To is definitely a dream i will remember and tell all of my friends about.

a familiar feeling came over me when Vicious Vicious stepped on stage. maybe because I had seen 3 of the 4 members before playing in different bands and around town at different venues. Erick Applewick-lead(hopefuls), Heath Henjum-bass(hopefuls), Martin Dosh-Rhodes(Dosh, Redstart...), and drummer guy. looking in from the outside it looks like a typical setup but after hearing a few songs you realize this group has a very distinct character. a blend of power pop rock mixed with some laid back soul and R&B makes for a ferocious sound. the band's name is misleading in a sense because the only thing Vicious about them is their sound that sucks you in with their danceable guitar hooks and friendly vocals. it's hard not to think this group isn't the latest national indie buzz band. thank god they are local.

here is an interesting article on a look back after 1 year of 89.3 the Current.

Saturday, January 21, 2006


in an attempt to be like all the other music blogs on the world wide web, i am going to try and focus this blog more towards music news, show reviews, and anything else related to the music, this may be kinda hard living in secluded Winona, MN at the moment-but hopefully i will come up with some quality material.

Musab @ Rascals

Last weekend i went down to one of the only music venues in Winona called Rascals. a hole in the wall joint that i hate going to to, but have no other option when I want to check out some of the live music acts that play their. don't ask me why they would want to play there in the first place. anyways, steine, jules, kels, and i went down their last weekend to check out Musab of the Rhymesayers Entertainment crew. a local squad and Unknown Prophets opened for Musab. a decent turnout for Winona-not a huge underground hip hop scene going on. Unknown Prophets played a solid set which setup Musab really well. Musab, being one of the originals on the Rhymesayers bill, I was kinda excited to check out the show. even with the songs having the same setup over and over again and some tech problems- it was still a strong set. he even did B.L.A.C.K Culture which featured Slug on his album Comparison when he used to go by the name Beyond on one of Rhymesayers first releases.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

1st semester recap...

Halloween, Alaska @ The Varsity over Thanksgiving

this should be interesting. i have not posted on this lovely blog since i have been back to school, but i think tonight seems like a great time to pick up where i left off. to begin, let's recap all the happenings from last semester.

1. i managed to come away with a passing GPA
2. DJ Back Pain appeared at a couple campus gigs
3. the fraternity's live sound company put on some wonderful shows including: Someone Still
Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Bookreader, Catchpenny, Epic Hero, The Hopefuls, and Sunday Runners
4. $240 towing ticket in Uptown
5. Real Estate Class
6. getting written up during the wee hours of study day at the 2-1-6
7. KSMR giveaway show
8. Death Cab for Cutie w/ Youth Group @ First Ave
9. making my mom cry at Blue Angel (in a good way)
10. Damien Marley with Erin, Luke, TJ, and Jasmine @ First Ave
11. Music seminar at McNally Smith
12. trying to become a booking agent (keyword: trying)
13. plenty of late nights drinking (of course not as late as Lincoln)
14. choking Satan but kissing afterwords
15. Megan and Oosh's Wedding
16. Anne stealing a painting from The Independent
17. More great times at ICC
18. writing horrible reviews for the Cardinal (as in my writing sucks)
19. obtaining an iPod from my gracious sister Kristina
20. becoming obsessed with the Pod of i and Podcasts
21. planning for my future in the BIZ
22. Halloween, Alaska @ The Varsity with Neil and Anne
23. The Hopefuls at the Triple Rock playing with Rogue Wave
24. 2024/Vitriol Radio Holiday Office Party
25. Blue Angel and everything surrounding it
26. Founder's Day
27. Bad Plus @ The Dakota
28. Winona Greek Social
29. Lincoln and Satan's Birthday (with some great photos of course)
30. Putnam's senior socail
31. Betty Joe's 66 Club
32. Foozer @ Xcel

oldie moldies @ Blue Angel

so that is just a brief overview of what i have been up to since i last posted on this blog. not to exciting but hopefully i will keep this up until the end of the school year and beyond. if i forgot anything feel free to let me know and i will be sure to add it.